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We are a Values Driven Law Firm


Integrity is key to all relationships, particularly attorney-client. We do the right thing for the right reason and always have our clients best interest in the top of our hearts and minds. We desire win-win relationships with our clients, associates, and affiliates.

Joyful Service

We search for joy while we work to achieve your objectives. We strive to be excellent legal service providers that deliver an exceptional client service experience with complete fee transparency.


We are entrepreneurs. We appreciate the leadership, energy, and devotion it takes to lead business enterprises. We work directly with entrepreneurs and owners from startup to growth stage companies from construction to technology. We love working with entrepreneurs.

Pursuit of Wisdom

Socrates defined wisdom as knowing that we do not know everything. We are business first lawyers focused on representing small business owners and focus our efforts business, estate, and succession planning. This focus creates a deep understanding of the needs of small business owners.



  • Very Motivated

    Mr. Johnson supported me and each of the senior attorneys in the legal department. He completed a wide-range of legal projects varying from litigation, contracting, intellectual property, data privacy, franchisee issues, and SEC disclosures. He was very motivated and his contributions were apprec... Read On

  • Highly Recommend Him To Anyone!!!

    As a small business owner, I have had J. Brandon Johnson help me with several business and legal transactions over the last couple years. I can't say enough great things about him. Great listener and finds creative ways to get great results for his clients. Thanks for all your help Brandon! Highl... Read On

  • Brandon Is A Trusted Advisor

    Brandon is a trusted advisor to our construction company. He combines an understanding of our business with a knowledge of the law to give us deeply valuable legal and business counsel. Read On

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